On June 24th the magical night, lit by fire and desire, is celebrated in many parts of the world to welcome the summer. The most emblematic celebration on the island #Tenerife is taking place in #PuertodelaCruz; and it is not only a night, it lasts three days and everyone participates: children, teenager, adults, shepherds, neighbors,… everybody has its role; the community works together, shares with eachother, has fun together…

Hoguera San Juan Puerto de la Cruz

Bonfire San Juan Puerto de la Cruz


The Night, June 22nd “Decorating the drinking fountains”

The community reanimated this tradition in the last years.  The residents decorate with flowers and vegetables the seven water fountains of the city. These water fountains once provided drinking water for the public and their households, although today they are not used anymore. For the revival of this colourful tradition there are used flowers and vegetables such as garlic, leek, carrots, peppers… Each year residents and visitors mingle to the seven fountains, walking through the city.

Enrame Chorros Puerto de la Cruz

Decorate the drinking fountains Puerto de la Cruz


June 23rd Bonfire of San Juan

The party starts at 5pm at Playa Jardín with environmental workshops for the little ones, a day of education, games and awareness.

In the workshop “Labyrinth of the Senses”, the participants make a tour through their senses by textures, colours, smells, shapes and sounds of nature.

In the “recycling workshop” we will give a new life to discarded objects by creating bracelets, coasters and animals, magazines, …

At 9pm begins the night and mystery with the performances on stage Playa Castillo:

– Parranda el Chirato

– OnoFreeFadar

– Orchestra Module 22

All this with the traditional lighting of the bonfire, spells, our desires, a large pyromusical show; a night to welcome the funniest season of the year.

Hoguera de san Juan Puerto de la Cruz

Bonfire of San Juan Puerto de la Cruz


June 24 “Goats bath”

At dawn on June 24th, shepherds start a long journey with their goats through the mountains, canyons and the city to reach the port of Puerto de la Cruz. At 8 o´clock in the morning begins the ritual where the animals, one by one, are bathed in the sea. Actually the custom was used to remove the parasites of the animals in early summer.

San Juan de las cabras