Yes, there exists another sky, different to any sky you’ve ever seen before, in cities, bonnets or dreams. Up there, on the highest point of Spain and with one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, the Mount Teide National Park; a haven of earthly chaos, Volcano Life Experience took us by the hand on our journey to the Universe with the spirit of a child. For a few hours you feel that uncertainty and innocence again, like a little child.


Very simple and for all-weather conditions: Warm clothes (polar, gloves, scarf …) and hiking shoes, although we did not walk a big distance, just a couple of minutes but the terrain was a bit steepy.

Let’s get started:

Your first adventure, reaching the Mount Teide National Park; more precisely the Cable Car. From any point of the island Mount Teide is well signposted, so if you rent a car, you can go straight, but maybe you prefer to use the bus service of the organization. Another adventure is getting on the gondola with your group and flying in a crystal cabin glass through the sea of ​​clouds until you finally reach the destination where monumental views accompanied by hot chocolate or champagne expect you; what a great start.

Mar de nubes en el Parque Nacional  del Teide


The sunset: Sun and volcano

With the height steps become heavier but the excitement oxygenates the short way to the sunset on the stunning Mount Teide. Our guide explained us the singularities of the earth under our feet, its history (ancient and younger eruptions, the energy of the living earth…), its legends and science. Without realizing it, we already faced the sun, in the middle of natural vastness. What an unforgettable sunset!

Atardecer Teide

Dinner: Canarian cuisine Snacks

We returned to the base camp to exchange our experiences and strengthen us with the exquisite dinner; a journey through the Canarian cuisine: Gofio (roasted cereal flour), chickpeas, wrinkled potatoes, sweets, and etc. accompanied by local wines, laughter and friends.

Gastronomía: Gofio

Stars: Diving into the Universe

After dinner we went outside. Wrapped in a bright dark our guide from the Mount Teide Astrophysical Observatory was waiting for us with telescopes that get to see textures in the infinite and with a lot of stories to bring us the Universe closer: astrology, astronomy, ancient cultures, maps …; the most complete blend of science and philosophy I’ve ever heard, a complex reality that fills you with questions. Your eye can see constellations, black holes, planets, galaxies and other light of what no longer exists, nothingness, infinity…


Observación de estrellas

The return:

Much more than a tour, it’s another world, an experience away from the anecdotal. It’s one of those things you must see at least once in lifetime.