From January 27th to February 14th Puerto de la Cruz will put its Carnival dress on. With this years Carnival topic “Cinema”, the city’s script is written by the tradition of Carnival in Tenerife (murgas, comparsas and queens) and the personality of the town with its peculiar celebrations like “Mascarita Ponte Tacón” (men on high heels); certainly a representation of joy and colour.

Carnaval Puerto de la Cruz



Although we are already start to experience the metamorphosis that produces this tradition in Puerto de la Cruz, with shows like the presentation Wild Fantasy Dance Theatre Timanfaya; the official Carnival starts on January 28th with the presentation of the candidates for the Queen of Puerto de la Cruz and finishes on February 14th.

Mascarita ponte tacon


In between, a lot of colourful events you shouldn’t miss; here some of the most popular ones:

1._ The opening parade: The parade is the most purest Carnival with street musicians, Carnival groups, floats and of course the Queens. Then we continue with the party on the streets

2._ Exhibition Murgas: music and drama groups presenting their comic and critical view of the world with a performance and costumes. A show that its members prepare throughout the whole year

3._ Crazy Cars: Original and daring race cars Made in Carnival, and the winner always is a great laughter

4._ Comparsas Festival: What would be the Carnival without dancing?… With the rhythm of colour and the choreography of joy, the comparsas (Carnival groups) heat up the streets.

5._ Marathon Mascarita Ponte Tacón (men on high heels marathon): a brave carnival run, men perched on high heels running down the cobbled streets of the city

… These are just a few events of the Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz, here we share the whole calendar, so you won’t miss anything:

Calendario Carnaval Puerto de la Cruz 2016