Until April 17th the Reyes Bartlet Cultural Association brings us the XIV Festival of Ancient and Baroque Music to the city. Over the next few weeks we will enjoy a series of concerts in artistic and religious places in the city like the “Via Crucis” by Franz Liszt, “Miserere 8″ from Sebastian Duron or Spanish religious polyphony from the sixteenth century.

Festival de musica antigua y barrocca

Concert schedule

Cartel Festival Musica Barroca


Eligio Quinteiro, director and expert for ancient and baroque music from Gran Canaria, will give a course of musical interpretation from April 14th to 17th


The musicians who will give voice to the ancient art are: Vocal Group Reyes Bartlet, David Martel, Alfonso Lopez-Raymond, Eduardo Zalba, José Híjar Polo, Vicent Bru i Soler, Samuel Delgado, Eligio Quinteiro and Alberto Falcione

Vicent Bru i Soler


You can purchase your ticket directly at the entrances or buy beforehand: mail@reyesbartlet.com, phone +34 696 227 636 or CIT office of Puerto de la Cruz, at shop Complementos Cloe and Masilva Library.

Nothing else, now it’s your turn to take a seat, listen, feel and live the art that knows no time.