The most emblematic celebration on the island #Tenerife and of Spain is taking place in #PuertodelaCruz. It begins on June 22nd with the traditional decoration of the fountains and ends in the morning of 24th with the bath of the goats in the harbour.

Hoguera de san Juan Puerto de la Cruz

June 22nd: “Decorating the drinking fountains”

Old public streams of Puerto de la Cruz are decorated with vegetable ornaments by the locals, a forgotten folk art which recently has been reanimated. During the next days you can visit the “7 streams” in the city.

Enrame de Chorros Puerto de la Cruz

June 23rd: St. John’s Eve – Noche de San Juan

The mystery of St. John’s Eve shines with particular intensity on the beach Playa Jardín, where every year thousands of local people and travellers burn everything negative and turn on the summer. Spells, beliefs and rituals welcome the sun to the beat of a popular party. From 9.00 p.m. on begins the festivity at Playa Jardín with the lighting of the bonfire, fireworks and music shows. Families and groups of friends bring local snacks and wine to toast the arrival of the new season.

Hoguera San Juan Puerto de la Cruz

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June 24th: Bath of the goats

During the night, the shepherds from the island go on a pilgrimage through the mountains, canyons and cities of Tenerife to arrive Puerto de la Cruz early in the morning; where the goats are bathed, one by one, in the sea to purify the flocks. This tradition dates back to the Guanches, aborigines, who bathed the livestock to remove the parasites and celebrate the summer solstice.

San Juan de las cabras

Another year we meet in Puerto de la Cruz to celebrate the most magical night of the year at the most important bonfire of the island.