From July 1st to July 30th Puerto de la Cruz celebrates its festivities in honour of the patron saint, the „Virgen del Carmen“; it is a deeply rooted festival in the city, a mix of the essence of fishermen, religious devotion and a popular party.

embarcacion de la Virgen


More than a hundred religious and recreational activities will take place on the streets in Puerto de la Cruz during the month of July: folk festivals, sports competitions, workshops, activities for children, art exhibitions and religious celebrations. Every day something to do, to see, to discover in Puerto de la Cruz.

Find here the programme of the activities “July Festivities 2016″


“The embarkation”

The most exciting day of the festivities is the maritime procession of the „Virgen del Carmen“ and „San Telmo“, this year on Tuesday, July 12th. The celebration starts early in the morning with the traditional Diana Floreada, followed by hot chocolate and the big „Cucaña“. After the worship at 5.30 p.m., the Virgin leaves the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia charged by fishermen and sheltered by thousands of devotees and travellers, accompanying the „Virgen del Carmen“ and „San Telmo“ in procession through the fishermen district of the city to reach the pier, where the images will be shipped to traverse the entire coast of the municipality.

Embarcación de la Virgen


On May 19th in 1954 the local artist Angel Acosta Martin donated the image of the „Virgen del Carmen“ to the city. That day the Virgin was blessed and walked in procession along the streets of fishermen to the fishing pier.

Embarcación de la Virgen en blanco y negro