Soon we will celebrate a new festival in the city. August 6th sounds like music, beer, dancing, good atmosphere, culinary street creations, and much more…


What is Phe Festival?

Phe 2016 is the launch of an indie, rock, dance and electronic music festival on the coast of Puerto de la Cruz. Some of the most important national and international bands of the current scene like CYCLE ROCK, La Habitación Roja, Delafé, Belako, Red Beard, Kostrok and Mr. Paradise will perform on stage.


Where and when?

The Phe Festival concert stage will be on the esplanade of the dock by the sea, and will be held on August 6th at 6:00 p.m.

I wanna go! Where do I get tickets from?

You can purchase your ticket online in advance at a price of 20 euros or at the official sale points.

Of course, you can buy your ticket the day of the concert at the box office for 25 euros each.


Where to stay?

Puerto de la Cruz has a wide selection of hotels. Here you get the best options for your stay in the city.


And what about food?

There will be a selection of food trucks made in Tenerife during the Phe Festival, so you won’t miss a song.

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And for the rest of the day, we recommend these restaurants and cafes.

Have a Phenomenal stay & let’s rock the city!