Puerto de la Cruz has sent lots of hugs to our British friends during the last days. The entire island of Tenerife, and the city due to its special relationship with Great Britain, wanted to show that the British are always welcome, regardless of the Brexit vote.

Bigwarmhug_Puerto de la Cruz_66

Even before the nineteenth century the British came to Puerto de la Cruz and lots of them settled down in the city. After so many years together, there has been created an artistic, cultural and a very special emotional bond between the locals and the British. The English Library; the Sitio Litre Gardens with its tea time; and words like queque from cake… are just a few examples of our history.

Puerto surfing

Some of the British who came to enjoy the pleasant climate, its nature and its neighbors, are for instance Agatha Christie or John Lennon, Paul McCartney…

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These lines are only a small tribute and reminder for all those things we lived together with the British in our/their home. Thank you and enjoy our little selection of images we sent to our British friends #bigwarmhug.

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